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disguise_truth's Journal

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afi, after forever, alice in chains, arch enemy, atticus, autumn, avenged sevenfold, beseech, bleeding through, blink-182, blood, buzzcocks, christmas, cinema, depeche mode, draconian, dreams of sanity, eighteen visions, elis, emilie autumn, emily a. saaen, epica, evanescence, face to face, fall out boy, fluer, flyleaf, for my pain, fuel, goldfinger, good charlotte, gotthard, green day, grey`s anatomy, guano apes, guns`n`roses, holy moses, hoobastank, jimmy eat world, lacuna coil, leaves` eyes, limpbizkit, lostprophets, lp, lunatica, matchbox 20, mechanical poet, melancholy, moonspell, morbid angel, music, negative, new found glory, new york, nickelback, night, nightwish, nokia, opeth, papa roach, paradise lost, paramore, photoshop, pinhead gunpowder, poets of the fall, prozac+, punk, rezophonic, rough silk, satyrian, scorpions, sea, simple plan, sirenia, ska, slayer, slipknot, sr-71, stabbing westward, stone sour, stone temple pilots, story of the year, strange, sum 41, summer, the black list club, the cinematic, the clash, the crest, the distillers, the fire, the gathering, the offspring, the police, theatre of tragedy, therion, throwdown, tristania, type o negative, ueickap, vertical horizon, vicious crusade, walls of jericho, weltenbrand, within temptation, xandria, yellowcard, альтернатива, анатомия страсти, вечер, водопады, гитара, готика, знаки, карандаши, кино, книги, кофе, лето, метал, море, музыка, мультфильмы, ноты, ночь, нью йорк, оружие, охота, панк, подводная охота, позитив, рождество, рыбалка, ска, сок, сон, янки

Social capital

  • less than 10