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My X-mass windowsill

I know that my wallpapers and window look horrible but I think it's a perfect place for X-mass team in my room.

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What's a dog you are?

Вы - пудель
Пудель - это собака гармоничного типа, умеренно растянутого формата, с характерно оформленной шерстью, кудрявой или шнуровой. Имеет вид умного, постоянно внимательного, активного, гармонично сложенного, исполненного элегантности и достоинства животного. У пуделя пружинистый и легкий шаг, который никогда не должен быть плавным или растянутым. Пудель известен своей преданностью, способностью к обучению и дрессировке, что делает его особенно приятным спутником человека.
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2 years ago in this day died one talented girl. Her name was Sabine Dunser and she was a singer of metal band Elis. Just want to say thanks to her as always in this day. I hope I'll see her once...

RIP Sabine!

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I like to tell people that I'm a bad person. But holly shit, NO! I'm not. I'm a good person! I'm lazy, crazy, don't like my country, don't respect some rules and traditions and in someone's life I'm a bad character but I'm GOOD cause I have the reasons to be the same. I don't steal and kill, I know what I want and do what I don't, I think before to say, I try to say the truth and to do for justice.

SO if somebody thinks I'm bad just shut up and look at the mirror! I'm a GOOD person!
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I changed my design. I'm not proud of it but I think it's better than it was.
Now I hope to stay here again cause it's the best place for blogs.
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